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How to contact us

The best way to contact Server101 is through our responsive email support system. We have found that this gives us a chance to investigate your query and provide you with an accurate response.

There are three main contact points for Server101. Please follow these to get assistance as required, including technical support and administrative information.

For general information send an email to:

For sales information send an email to:

For technical support send an email to:

Please note that we cannot provide direct support for individual software. If you require detailed help in using a specific piece of software, please contact the technical support department of the softwares' authors for assistance. Contact information can normally be found in the softwares' help files.

If you believe the problem is Server101 related, check the faq's and tutorials for information. If you still need help contact us at support@server101.com .

We find this provides the quickest avenue for solving a problem. More than 95% of problems can be resolved without having to wait for a response from us.

For sales assistance in the US please call: 1877 776 2101
For sales assistance in Australia call: 07 3876 6101
For sales assistance elsewhere call: +617 3876 6101

Mailing address:
Server101 Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 500
Kenmore QLD 4069